Rental Information

  • Rental space starting from 95-1,000 sq.m.
  • Ground Floor, Rental space for shop starting from 100 sq.m.
  • 2nd-20th Floor, Rental space for office starting from 95 - 1,000 sq.m.
  • 228 seats of auditorium hall and gallery

Asking Rental THB 500.- per square meter per month inclusive of service charge.
Security Deposit 1(one) month rental payable upon signing of offer letter.

2(two) month rental payable upon signing of leasing contract.
Utility Charges Electricity charge : THB 6.- per kilo watt used / Water charge : THB 20.- per cubic used.
Telephone Lines The Lessee can apply the direct telephone lines from the Lessor upon request with
a non-refunable installation charge of THB 4,000.- per line and refundable deposit of THB 10,000.- per line.
Air-conditioning  System and  Opertion Time Chilled Water System operates from Mondays to Fridays at 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Over time
A/C is THB 3.50 – per sq.m. per hour for Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.
Car parking Spaces One free car parking space for every 100 sq.m. of leased space.
Additional spaces can be applied at the rate of THB 1,500.- per car per month.

One free motorcycle parking space for every for every 100 sq.m. of leased space
Additional spaces can be applied at the rate of  THB 500.- per car per month.
Visitor  Parking First two hours with the company seal’s stamp are free of charge.

Company List

G  Fl. G01
Bank  of  Ayudhya  Public  Company  Limited
Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited
Thailand  Post  Co.,Ltd.
Mezzo Coffee
Government Savings Bank
3rd  Fl. Room No. 301  Saha Lawson Co.,Ltd.
4th  Fl. Room No. 401-3 Saha  Pattanapibul Public  Co.,Ltd.
5th  Fl. Room No. 501
Room No. 502
Room No. 504
Room No. 505
Room No. 507

Thailand Foundation of Responsible Drinking
Quantel Co., Ltd.
Tipwarin Wattana Co.,Ltd.
Chokchaipibul  Co.,Ltd.
Saha Pattanapibul Public Co.,Ltd.   /  Home Delivery

6th  Fl.
Room No. 601
Room No. 602
Room No. 603
Room No. 605

Mayflower Saha Travel (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Saha  Pattanapibul Public  Co.,Ltd./ International  Business
Saha  Pattanapibul Public  Co.,Ltd.
Infonet  International  Co.,Ltd.
7th  Fl. Room No. 702
Room No. 703
Room No. 704
Room No. 705
Room No. 708
Room No. 709
Saha  Pattanapibul Public  Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Tower (1999) Co., Ltd.
Saha  Lawson  Co., Ltd.
Saha Pattanapilbul Public Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Thai Electronics Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Prime Capital Leasing Co.,Ltd.
8th  Fl. Room No. 801-7 Bluesky Channel Co., Ltd.
9th Fl. Room No. 901 Saha  Pattanapibul Public  Co.,Ltd. /  IT
11nd Fl.

12nd Fl.
Room No. 1102

Room No. 1201
Kobelco  Compressors (Thailand) Limited.

Prinda Public  Co.,Ltd.
14th  Fl. Room No. 1402
Room No. 1403
Room No. 1404
Toenec (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Siriphol Property Co., Ltd.
Panasonic  Factory  Solutions  Integration  Systems (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
15th  Fl. Room No. 1501 Thai Samsung Life Insurance Public Co., Ltd.
16th  Fl. Room No. 1601 Bureau Veritas (Thailand) Co., Ltd.  
17th  Fl. Room No. 1703
Room No. 1704
Thai Nakano Co., Ltd.
Engineering  System Consultant Co., Ltd.
18th  Fl. Room No. 1801
Room No. 1802
Room No. 1803
MCI-Draka Cable Co., Ltd.
Netafim (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
RD Kasetpattana Co., Ltd.
20th  Fl. Room No. 2001 Saha  Pattanapibul Public  Co.,Ltd.