About Us  (Bangkok Tower)

Bangkok Tower (1999) Co., Ltd is one of the subsidiaries of Saha Pathanapibul Public Co., Ltd. Saha Pathanapibul Public Co., Ltd started business back in 1942 in Ah Nia Keng, as a grocery store called “Hiab Seng Chiang” . Later, in 1952 the company adopted the name Saha Pathanapibul Co., Ltd. which dealth in many kinds of food and other consumer products.

The company then entered into and innovation stage of its development, starting a joint venture with Lion to establish factory facilities to produce toothpaste, shampoo and powder detergent. Later a factory for the production of instant noodles was constructed.

The company also went the public and was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, with the registered capital of 30 million baht on June 30, 1978.Nowadays, the company engaged in both consumer products distribution and property development business including a business of building for rent which is Bangkok Tower Building.